Thông tin dự án văn phòng ADNOVUM
  • Diện tích : 500m²
  • Vị trí : Era Town 2 Building
  • Thời gian hoàn thành : 2017
  • Các hạng mục chiếu sáng : Downlight LED, LED strip, máng âm đèn âm trần, Spot LED, LED module, Máng LED …
Being among the top technology companies, Adnovum highly expected to create an innovative and open working space enhancing employee creativity and productivity.
The idea of “One Adnovum” to connect all employees through open working environment with variety of work settings, open discussion and relaxing corner: cozy bean bags allow employees to comfortably relax or possibly entertain themselves with Ping-Pong table, another resting place is a large full-furnished pantry; creating a warm and friendly environment.
adnovum office adp 10 1
adnovum office adp 2 2 adnovum office adp 3 3 adnovum office adp 4 4 adnovum office adp 5 5 adnovum office adp 6 6 adnovum office adp 7 7 adnovum office adp 8 8
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